Meet Annie

Hailing from Brazil, Annie's serendipitous encounter with Aspen Valley 26 years ago left an indelible impression on her heart during her tenure as a corporate flight attendant. The captivating beauty and allure of the region stirred something within her, prompting the firm belief that she was destined to call it home.

Driven by her unwavering determination, Annie eventually made her dream a reality and embraced the Aspen Valley as her own. For the next 17 years, she skillfully managed various luxury fashion brands, both in the local Aspen market and the bustling streets of New York. Yet, despite her success in the corporate world, Annie's natural warmth and eternal optimism beckoned her towards a more personal, client-oriented career path. Thus, she decided to channel her passion for design and innate flair for customer service into the realm of real estate, embarking on a journey that would prove deeply fulfilling.

Annie's upbringing as the youngest daughter in a hardworking farming family shaped her character profoundly. The constant movement from one leased property to another instilled a sense of instability during her formative years. Although the housing situation wasn't ideal, Annie's unwavering support and determination shone through when she had the opportunity to help her parents construct their very first home before she ventured to the United States. This experience in the South of Brazil became a powerful driving force behind her aspirations and dreams in the realm of real estate

Annie Baldo

REALTOR® | Broker Associate

License # FA100072131

Over five years ago, Annie ventured into the real estate industry with a strong desire to create a meaningful impact in people's lives. Her focus was on assisting clients in the dynamic Roaring Fork Valley, where she dedicated herself to those who were working and residing in the area. Leveraging her fluency in Portuguese and Spanish, Annie skillfully closed over 130 sales, bringing immense satisfaction as she helped clients overcome language barriers and realize their dream of owning a home.

With her vibrant Brazilian heritage, profound love for Aspen Valley, and a deep appreciation for the value of stable homes, Annie stands as a compassionate and dedicated advocate for her clients. Her journey from her early days on the family farm to the sophisticated world of luxury fashion and finally to her thriving real estate career showcases the resilience and passion that continue to fuel her success.